Published by Boyd’s Mills Press

Pigeons nest on concrete ledges, Catbirds nest in greening hedges, Tiny wrens, in shoreline sedges. You nest here with me.

This lyrical bedtime book is an ode to baby birds everywhere and to sleepy children, home safe in their own beds. As a mother describes how different species of birds nest, secure and cozy with their mama birds, she tucks her own child into bed with the soothing refrain, “you nest here with me”—easing her little one and readers alike to slumber. Perfect for a young audience, this poetic text begs to be read aloud, and is accompanied by Melissa Sweet’s incredibly warm and original art.

Combining their poetic writing and their love of birding, mother and daughter Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple Yolen have written what is sure to become a bedtime classic.

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FOR EDUCATORS: Pair this book for young readers with THE BOY WHO DREW BIRDS: THE STORY OF JOHN JAMES AUDUBON by Jacqueline Davies, as well as Jane Yolen’s, OWL MOON. All three books introduce readers to a bevy of birds.

A charmer . . . a bedtime book warmed by the comforts of home.
— John Lithgow in The New York Times Book Review
A gentle rhyming bedtime story that spotlights 14 birds’ nesting habits and habitats. A well-crafted and informative window onto the world of winged creatures.
— Publishers Weekly
With an easy cadence and a comforting anchor, Yolen and Stemple drift from cowbird to killdeer, bedding down winged creatures while always returning to the safety of mom and home. . . . The text and the images work well together, balancing the mood of quiet comfort with avian description. . . . As a whole, the book ably carries readers past many flying friends and lands with ease in a safe nest.
— Kirkus
Do we need another good night book? The answer is unequivocally yes. . . This delights the eye, mind and heart.
— Booklist, starred review
As she puts her daughter to bed, a mother shares a soothing rhyme about birds that nest in places far and near. . . . A worthwhile purchase for collections that need new selections for bedtime sharing.
— School Library Journal
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